Students Counselling and Guidance

Director (Students Counselling and Guidance)

Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman

Dept. of English, CoU

Departmental student advisor

Dr. Md. Ghulam Murtaza Talukder

Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, CoU

Ashish Chandra Das

Assistant Professor,Dept. of Physics, CoU

Shah Ekhlimur Reza

Assistant Professor, Dept of Statistics, CoU

Md. Rassel Moni

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, CoU

Rafeza Khatun

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy, CoU

Renaissance Ahmed Sayma

Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, CoU



Mohammad Razaul Islam

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bangla, CoU

Sharna Mazumder

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, CoU

Dr. Mohammad Razaul Karim

Associate Professor,Dept. of Public Administration, CoU

Maria Tahsin

Lecturer,Dept. of anthropology, CoU

Mohammad Niamul Huda

Lecturer,Dept.of Archaeology, CoU

Arnab Biswas

Lecturer,Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism, CoU


Md. Jahid Hasan

Lecturer,Dept. of Management studies, CoU

Rabaya Zaman

Lecturer, Dept. of AIS, CoU

Dr. Mohammad Solaiman

Associate Professor, Dept. of Markting, CoU

Sutapa Chowdhury

Assistant Professor, Dept of Finance and Banking, CoU

Nayan Banik

Lecturer,Dept. of CSE, CoU

Dr. Md.Saifur Rahman

Associate Professor, Dept. of ICT, CoU

Md. Ali Morsad Kazem

Lecturer,Dept. of Law, CoU