The vision of the department of Mass Communication and Journalism is to make graduates as national and international leaders through arduous and effective teaching and active learning in the aura of national and international standards of journalism and communication. That encompasses print, electronic and new media journalism, convergence of media, ethical issues, application and impact of technology on journalism, social media journalism, multimedia journalism, researchon various social issues and so on. The purpose of the department is to enable students to become communication scholars and produce newspaper, run media organizations and to be media entrepreneurs.


The core mission of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism is to provide the students with the theoretical and practical knowledge on the pervasive perspectives and meticulous practices to enable them to act in real life with efficiency and skills. The department aims to prepare students as efficient and capable enough to deal with the national and international approaches and practices of journalism and communication. Barring this, the prime mission of the department is to create the sense of rationality and the enthusiasm of continuous thinking among students so that they can look forward to creating new knowledge on various aspects of communication and journalism, culture, ideas, norms, values and so on. The department focuses on encouraging students to the field of research that will absolutely enhance the academic excellence. The department, indeed, will be recognized globally through active participation of the faculties and graduates in this field.