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Programme Name:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics [B.Sc (Hons)]


Our vision is to recognize that mathematics permeates the world around us and appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics.


The mission of the department of Mathematics is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical applications. Moreover, the department would like to contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens. We will serve students, having mathematics as major or  minor, students of general education and also students coming from other sectors.

To fulfill this mission, the department creates an environment where people would  grow as teachers and scholars and also as the skilled persons involved in public and professional service.



The department of Mathematics promotes mathematical skills and knowledge for their intrinsic beauty and  effectiveness in developing a person’s proficiency for analytical reasoning and utility in modeling and solving real world problems.


 Learning Outcomes:

1.    Fundamental objects, techniques and theorems in the mathematical sciences, including the fields of analysis, algebra, geometry, and discrete mathematics; 

2.    The principles of mathematical reasoning and their use in understanding, analyzing and developing formal arguments; 

3.    The connections between the mathematical sciences and other scientific and humanistic disciplines; 

4.    The main forces driving the evolution of the mathematical sciences and their past relevance and future potential for the broader society.

5.    Students will be able to compete successfully for internship and employment positions in government, industry, and non-profit organizations.

6.    Graduates will have a predisposition for outreach toward application areas such as physical sciences, financial services, and social sciences and have the knowledge, experience, and motivation to bring the tools of mathematics and statistics to bear on real-world problems.

7.    Alumni will have the communication skills necessary to successfully collaborate with non-expert users of applied mathematics and statistics.

8.    Graduates will have the intellectual curiosity and flexibility to grow with developing technology and new methods of  mathematics and statistics.