Creating global intelligence with pragmatic business atmosphere through multidisciplinary knowledge, dynamic innovation, and integrated technology.


Ensuring best academic excellence with student-centered interactive learning environment through conceptual and applied skills needed for top-ranking marketing careers around national and international arena.

 Program objectives and Learning Outcomes

BBA Program

The Four-year BBA program offers a foundation for future professional and personal development to craft real life marketing problems. Learning outcomes are to:

  • Make competentcritically and creatively in applying marketing concepts, theory, and techniques.
  • Demonstrate superleadership in communicating corporate case and business presentation integrating latest technologies.
  • Develop interpersonal, intellectual, and analytical skills that are prerequisites of a successful career.
MBA Program

The One-year MBA program promises to develop students’ ability in using analytical and reflective thinking to identify and analyze problems, develop viable alternatives, and provide effective solutions. Students will also able to:

  • Learn marketing science in making strategic marketing decisions in national and international business settings.
  • Apply advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques in solving business problems.
  • Develop situational leadership in analyzing ethical conflicts and social responsibilities.
MBA (Evening) Program

The Two-year MBA (Evening) program provides students with high quality teaching environment that’s courageous, driven, and supportive. Students may find excellent job prospects since this program combines benefits of regular BBA and MBA programs. In addition, students will have the opportunities in attending certified training sessions with Computer Training Center, SPSS Training Center, Marketing Research Center, Café Marketing, Advertising Club, Sales Club, and Business and Social Welfare Club.

Our Students- Our Identity

Our students shine because we prepare them for life in its totality. We polish them to fit for all challenges of life. The most valuable asset our students posses is their adaptability to the world at large. We teach our students to be responsible, to cooperate, to communicate, to work in teams and to lead idea generation to introduce change where necessary. They become creative, intuitive, and resolute. That is why they excel. Real world positions await them because they deserve them.


Our Knowledge Base

The Department of Marketing encompasses wide range of knowledge, more than just mainstream marketing. We combine qualitative, quantitative, economic, financial, psychological, managerial, legal, environmental, historical and contemporary courses in our curricula. They learn how to solve practical marketing problems. The use of different types of analytical tools boosts up their prudent decision making. Simulation of real marketing situations makes them familiar to the pragmatic environment. All these things make our graduates more attractive to every stakeholders.


A Team of Dynamic Faculty Members

The department continues to pick the best talents from reputed public universities into its body of dynamic faculty members. They are dedicated to providing business relevant and marketing education for students of all levels and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for top-flight marketing careers around national and international arena.


Our faculty members are varied in their backgrounds. They have corporate, research and industry experiences. Some are international scholars and some are members of distinguished scholar societies. They convene such experiences and expertise into the classrooms unto the empirical, world class schooling on product and service development, planning, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution.


Distinctive Rapport with the Corporate World

The department distinguishes itself in Comilla University by bringing the students nearer to the corporate personnel. The department is good rapport with various corporate houses and government and nongovernment specialized institutions from various fields. Students can involve to these organizations through the arrangement of seminars, symposiums, guided tours and many others to enhance personal prospects and socialization. Internships and jobs also come to our students through such affinity and understanding.


The Natural Environment

The natural beauty and topology of the university is top notch and unique in Bangladesh. The department is in the finest looking 'North' academic building of the university, which is located on a hill.


The Educational Environment

Department of Marketing pioneers high-tech class rooms with all modern apparatus. The department endows the students with the finest educational environment, latest technology, tranquil class rooms, cogent studentteacher interactions and fraternity among the students. We tailor the mix of opportunities to cater to the varied needs of different programs both full time and professional.


There is a common platform called the 'Café Marketing' for the students to enhance self development.Students under the supervision of the teachers interact among themselves through debates, cultural programs,case studies, quizzes, presentations, job preparations and various other programs.


Prospect of the Department

Through all the odds as of a new university, the Department of Marketing has already come out successful. The department contributes to the development of the total university. The department takes innovative decisions well ahead others plan to follow. Hope such strategy will help it remain pioneer all the way. Talented students and teachers will make it an abode of excellence.