Department of Management Studies (DMS)

The Department of Management Studies (DMS) started its journey in the academic session 2006-07 under the Faculty of Business Administration and Management Studies at the opening of the university in 2006 with view to imparting knowledge on management and management related subjects to the managers in the days coming. Three programs, namely a four year BBA program of 129 credits, a one year MBA program of 36 credits and a two year MBA (Evening) program of 66 credits, are running  in the department. There are two concentration areas in both MBA and MBA (Evening) programs: Human Resource Management (HRM) and International Management (IM). The course curriculum of the department has been designed and revised bearing in mind the ever-changing needs in trade, commerce and industry in the context competitive environment of the world. The curriculum of programs offer all the relevant theoretical and practical courses needed to be competent and effective in the respective fields. In fact, DMS always tries to provide professional knowledge and skills in different functional areas of management with view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial manpower in business and non-business organizations to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of new millennium.

Vision of DMS

To produce competent graduates of international standard helping to create knowledge-based society.

Mission of DMS

To provide management education of international standard for preparing management professionals to perform successfully in the national and global platform. The specific missions are as under:
* To prepare an intended outcome-based curriculum;
* To ensure conducive learning environment in the department;
* To facilitate logistics for teaching, learning and research;
* To make collaboration with institutional and industrial sectors; and
* To orient the programs toward community services.

Objective of DMS

To create opportunities for high quality education, research and training to the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in different functional areas of management through maintaining excellent academic environment and using high qualified teaching resources and other facilities in making them efficient and effective human resources keeping pace with the demand in the 21st century.

Vision at the level of Programs

To provide business education of international standard for preparing business professionals in their career to perform successfully in the national and global platform with an understanding of the global contest of business and its social impact.


Mission at the level of Programs

To provide potential graduates the premier business education through a dynamic curriculum on a value-centered environment in the contest of global competition with a view to serving the business community and the society as a whole. The specific missions are:

* To provide potential graduates for the business world;

* To develop dynamic and updated curriculum;

* To uphold a value-centered environment;

* To ensure the best practices in all activities;

* To decorate graduates with necessary skills; and

* To motivate graduates for being creative and innovative in their works.


Program Objectives (POs)

The main objective of programs is to create efficient and effective graduates with the special reference to the intellectual and behavioral competencies in the contest of competition throughout the world leading to the future personal and professional development and success. It, therefore, aims at providing the students with generic skills and business knowledge for their personal and professional development so as to enable them to undertake further studies in business with a view to meeting the requirements and challenges of the business workplace at professional level locally and globally. The specific objectives at the level of programs are:

PO1: To enable graduates in solving management problems;

PO2: To enrich graduates with leadership qualities and communication skills;

PO3: To make graduates professional in any organizational and social activity;

PO4: To encourage graduates for being ethically sound in any activity;

PO5: To uphold the creativity and innovative ability of the graduates; and

PO6: To produce graduates with the attitude of continuous improvement.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Intended Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) from the students are:

PLO1-General Ability: Students are expected to be made prepared for diverse careers in administration, entrepreneurship and global management through a well-rounded business education with a special focus on global business operations. 

PLO2-Business Knowledge: Students can demonstrate technical competence in domestic and global business through the study of major disciplines including management within the fields of business.

PLO3-Critical Thinking Skills: Students are able to define, analyze and devise solutions for structured and unstructured business problems and issues using cohesive and logical reasoning patterns by evaluating information, materials and data.

PLO4-Leadership Ability: Students are expected to understand in applying leadership skills at the individual, group and organizational levels. They also be able to apply conflict management and negotiation skills required to achieve individual and institutional objectives.

PLO5-Communication Competence: Students are able to conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation. They will also be able to create communication that adheres to both academic and business standards.

PLO6-Skills relating to Technology: Students have to be competent in the uses of technology in modern organizational operations. They will have the ability to apply a variety of computer applications required to address business needs.

PLO7-Entrepreneurial and Innovative skills: Students will be able to create and manage innovations, develop new business enterprises and high growth potential entities in the way of being great entrepreneurs.

PLO8-Professional Integrity: Students will be honest and forthright in all professional dealings. They will act in accordance with the core value of the chosen profession. 

PLO9-Self-Management Skills: Students will be able to manage themselves in the context of punctuality, sincerity, tolerance, honesty, commitment and above all life-long learning skills.