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Department of Information and Communication Technology
Comilla University

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of Comilla University started its incredible journey of 4-years B.Sc.(Engg.) program in 2010. Well ahead in 2014 it started the 1-year M.Sc. (Engg.) program in Information and Communication Technology. Since its inception, the Department is playing a vibrant role in building skilled ICT professional and researchers not only inside Bangladesh but also all over the world. It has overwhelming dominance in ICT-based higher education and research.

Name of the programs
Undergraduate and Graduate


To provide highly qualified, knowledgeable and skilled ICT professionals in the latest state of techniques who will be involved in research, design and development in the national and international arena.


•To contribute and adhere into the journey of digitization of Bangladesh through interactive teaching learning process and conducting hi-tech research.
•To innovate technology based new ideas and promote applicable knowledge for the welfare of the nation.
•To extend the global perception of the sprouting professionals who can take an active role in the technological evolution of the world.

Program objectives

The department is endeavoring the following objectives:
•International standard of quality education.
•Correlate technical knowledge with professional ethics.
•Train-up students in enlightening their inner abilities for problem solving and critical thinking.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program learners should be able to reach the learning outcomes indicated below:

1. Achieving knowledge of the application and impact of Information Technology based solutions to real life problems.

2. Increasing capacity of learners at computer programming and the techniques used to develop IT solutions regarding hardware and software based systems.

3. To learn problem solving and analyzing by attaining fundamental skills in mathematics, physics and statistics. 

4. Being trained up with rudimentary but functional understanding of wireless and mobile communication systems.

5. To become skilled and experienced in fundamentals of microwave operated systems.

6. Exploring the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Image processing.

7. Being proficient in essential web development skills related to current Internet technologies and protocols, web graphics and multimedia, web authoring, design and web programming.

8. Obtaining essential networking skills including installing, configuring, securing and troubleshooting the devices, protocols and services within a network infrastructure.

9. To exhibit fundamental skills in database and application development using a range of programming languages.

10. Enhancing capacity in designing and implementing structured, modular, object-oriented and event-driven programs.

11. To be qualified in Numeracy and Data Analysis, Interpretation and Extrapolation competency

12. Building up managerial skills to incorporate as a member or leader of a team to accomplish common goals of the IT farms or any institutions.

13. To apply appropriate critical and conceptual thinking for analyzing, designing and developing  ICT based solutions.