Department of Archaeology


Welcome to the department of Archaeology, Comilla University.The Department of Archaeology was established in 2013 and from then it successfully engaged in teaching and research activities. At present, we offer a four years BSS (Honors), a one year MSS in Archaeology for regular students only. Theory, method and laboratory courses and field work are all regarded as important components in the curriculum of students in Archaeology, both undergraduate and graduate.While the Department insists that all graduates become competent field archaeologists, it takes a broad view of the discipline. Besides many theses on aspects of geo-archaeology, pre and proto historic archaeology, others in recent years have focused on ancient art and architecture, archaeo-botany, bio-archaeology, environmental archaeology, ethnology, ethno archaeology, art and iconography, epigraphy and numismatics , museum studies and heritage management- to mention only a few. The Department of Archaeology is located on the 4th floor of the Arts and Social Science Building at the center of the main campus